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  • XCBlog-Top 5 Command Line Tools for iOS Developer

    Xcode comes with lot of command line tools which you can find at path each one has specific purpose but some of them are very important in day to day role of iOS Developers. Most iOS Developers like to do everything from GUI either Xcode or using third party GUI tools but skilled and experienced […]

  • 17 Xcode Tips and Tricks That Every iOS Developer Should Know

    17 Xcode Tips and Tricks That Every iOS Developer Should Know

    iOS 17 Xcode Tips and Tricks That Every iOS Developer Should Know Elyse Turner #Swift #Development #Xcode Xcode can be overwhelming to iOS developers, especially newbies, but fear not! We are here to help. The number of things that Xcode can help with and allow you to do is astronomical. Being familiar with your IDE […]

  • Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes

    Over the past decade, an alternative digital paradigm has slowly been taking shape at the edges of the internet. This new paradigm is the blockchain. Afte

  • These are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2016

    Breakthrough technologies, including “socially aware” artificial intelligence and new generation solar panels, could soon tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

  • Improved Wiggling iOS 9 UICollectionView (Swift)

    With iOS 9 UICollectionView now has built-in drag and drop reorder. This is very easy to enable specially when using a UICollectionViewController. However there is no animation showing that the move operation started or finished, and worse there is no delegate call or notification to be informed of move start/end. So here is my UICollectionView subclass which […]

  • Apple Watch ClockKit: Reload Complications Placeholder Templates

    I just posted a radar to suggest an enhancement to the way ClockKit currently handles the placeholder templates for the Apple Watch complications. Here is the text I submitted: I am developing a watch app with complications that can be customised by the user. It would be nice for users to see a placeholder according to the […]

  • Swift: should a function Throw or return an Optional?

    Since Swift 2.0 we now have two ways for a function to fail: It can return an Optional Or it can Throw Let’s use a very simple example: a function to return the square root of a number. It is supposed to fail if the number was negative of course. Return an Optional func sqrt1(number: Float) -> Float? […]

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    I am Ary Tebeka, serial entrepreneur and currently an Indie iOS dev (for the last 4 years). I’ll try to post in this blog things I discover while developing for iOS.